Stairways are always an area of a Home to keep in prefect condition.
When a change needs to be made for a Home improvement, the transitional Joints between the existing and the new drywall is a critical area to have a smooth blended finish.  For an amateur, it is always a struggle to do a finish work on which the joins on the patches are not shown once it is all painted. 
For a great finish work, the joints must be spread wide enough with a few coats until an even surface is accomplish. 
One essential aspect when working on existing walls and ceilings, is the skill to blend the two textures to the detail and leave a consistent and smooth transition so that you can not see that a patch was there before. 

Before and after a kitchen`s ceiling re-texture.

Besides the skill to skim out the existing texture and retexture so that there is no lines of joints on the ceiling, there is also the extra time and care to protect the cabinets, walls and floorings and keep them as clean as possible. 





Patches tapped  and walls skimmed. All ready for a knock down match texture. 

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From a rough Ceiling to a new smooth Hand Texture.  Drywall work and repairs in San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria, Central coast.




Hand texture on a four ways vault ceiling is a bit challenging. Since there is no corners to start your texture, but with experience and skill and the help of some special tools, you can get a clean and smooth finish texture without any lines of spatulas showing in the middle of your ceilings.

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